DBCLS is a specialized institution concerning the biological databases, and it integrates and maintains databases in Japan and overseas, as well as conducts R&D to enhance usability for database users. The objectives of R&D widely extends from developing fundamental technology for database integration using semantic web technology to developing web services/tools to enhance usability. Results from these R&D and other activities are open to the public, and collaboration and cooperation with domestic and international research institutes are in progress.

Fundamental technology development for RDF integration

Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a framework to write resource on the semantic web. The objective of database integration by RDF in the life science field is to confer high usability of the information included in each data.
Reference1: guideline for RDF implementation (PDF material of the press release on 2014/6/2, written in Japanese)
Reference2: NBDC RDF portal website: (the press release on 2015/11/30: Launch of the NBDC RDF portal website: Enabling multidisciplinary application of life science data)

Supporting integration and establishing distributed integrated database

In order to increase the value of each database by linking individual databases, DBCLS is supporting integration of domestic/international databases based on RDF technology which is developed by DBCLS. DBCLS is promoting the necessary collaboration with domestic/international research institutes constructing databases, and contributing to establish international standards for database integration using semantic web.

Construction of integrated usage environment of database for end users

Database integration promoted by the fundamental technology development greatly contributes to the activities of database architects and bioinformaticians. DBCLS continues to enhance web services and contents so as to deliver the value of the database to researchers who uses the databases daily.

Efficient operation and expansion of databases and other services

In order to operate database and other services, investigation and R&D for semantic web technology-based operation as well as for adapting to the distributed environment is taking place. For the stable operation of the databases which are released publicly as a result of R&D, DBCLS continues to implement new technologies and to respond to the users of existing databases.

Public relations and educational activities

In order for the database users including life science researchers to know and to use publicly available services/tools developed through research activities, DBCLS offers training sessions across Japan and makes booth exhibitions in conferences. Also, tutorial movies and documents for tools and web services are freely available on the internet.