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Written by Dr Bono in research on 月 24 12月 2018.

Research projects

Interest: Reverse engineering of signaling network controlling energy metabolisms in an omic scale.

Expertise: Data-driven approach, especially for the utilization of public databases.

List of research projects involved

System development of functional annotation (formerly prediction) of genes

  • GFIT (1996-2000)
  • Functional annotation of mouse (FANTOM) (2000-2003)
  • Kaiko annotation pipeline …

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Written by Dr Bono in research on 土 20 1月 2018.

All Publications


Almost all publications by Dr. Bono are stored in PubMed and you can retrieve the list from this link.

Papers not in PubMed



  1. Nagashima, T., Takahashi, K., Bono, H., Okazaki, Y., and Konagaya, A. Fully-Automated Spot Recognition and Quantification from cDNA Microarray Images …

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