TogoTV website has been redesigned.

On November 16, 2020, the TogoTV ( website was relaunched. This is the third time in 13 years that we have redesigned our website. With the increased number and variety of content compared to five years ago, there were various issues with the website’s visibility, display speed, and searchability of content.
In addition to resolving these issues, we also improved the top page and individual pages, focusing on the fact that most of the traffic to the TogoTV website comes from search sites. (Figures 1 and 2)

With the increase in the number of videos, some users said they didn’t know which one to watch first, so we’ve created a new “skills-based course”. This is a systematic list of videos that shows you which databases and web tools are most commonly used as “standards” for certain purposes and how to use them in a useful way. The videos are organized in such a way that they can be used as a systematic tool to teach you the skills you need to learn by watching them in this order. (but now Japanese only, Figure 3)
. Fig-3

In addition, for pages of images (illustrations), the display speed of the list page has been improved and the tag classification has been reviewed to improve searchability. (Fig. 4)
. Fig-4

We will continue to accept requests to introduce tools that meet the needs of the field (always available!) TogoTV will provide high-quality content that can be freely used by anyone as a portal site contributing to the education and development of human resources for beginners to expand the base of the life sciences.