Research and development

We are developing basic technologies and application programs to integrate and maintain database in the life science field and to enhance usability for database users. We also support data producers for incorporating their data in the integrated database framework and build standards for the data integration in collaboration with the bioinformatics and database research institutes all over the world. Most of our products and activities are open to public though this web site.

User Interface Development for the Integrated Database

We are developing web services and contents to deliver the value of the integrated database so that the researchers can utilize it effectively. The services include integrated search interface for genome and expression data and query interface by natural languages. We are also develop tools for applying the services to applications such as medical research and genome editing.

  • [Integrated search by NLP(natural language processing)]

Efficient Access and Maintenance for the Integrated Database

We are conducting research and development for database integration based on semantic web technology and for the difficulty in database integration caused by dispersed databases. We are also developing new methods to handle RDFized data efficiently as well as utilizing currently available up-to-date technologies, and supporting users for stable operation of databases from the database integration project.

Basic Technology Development for Database Integration

We promote database integration using semantic web technology. Applying the Resource Description Framework (RDF), which is a framework for describing resources on the semantic web, extends the usefulness of information in individual data. Annotation for the relationship between data by experts and knowledge from literature is important for database integration focusing on semantics. We support RDFization of various data/information and develop basic technologies for database integration.

Standardization for Database Integration

By connecting databases with linkages in various aspects the value of each database can be enriched. To realize such a connection, we support database integration based on the RDFization technology developed by us. We also work together with intra- and international research organizations who are operating various databases, thus we contribute in developing international guidelines and principles for database integration using semantic web technology.