The number of video contents published on TogoTV has reached 2,000!

We are pleased to announce that the number of video contents on TogoTV has reached 2000(including Japanese version). This achievement was made in less than 15 years since the service was launched in August 2007. This includes 739 video manuals, 988 lecture videos, and 273 hands-on training videos. During this period, according to the statistics of the YouTube channel, the number of video views reached 2.4 million and the number of channel subscribers exceeded 7,000 as of the end of May 2022. We would like to thank not only our users, but also the many video creators, speakers, depositors, and related parties for their generous cooperation to date.

TogoTV will continue to introduce how to use bioinformatics tools and databases(requests are always welcome!). And we will continue to expand and improve the contents for professional education such as technical seminars.