Added the functions to create, share, and publish playlists of video content on the TogoTV.

TogoTV has published more than 2,000 video contents so far. For the purpose of improving usability and expanding the Skills-based courses, which was added in the update the year before last, we have added a function that allows users to create, share, and publish their own video playlists on the TogoTV website.

This feature is based on the YouTube playlist function and can be used by logging in with the user’s Google account on the TogoTV website. New playlists can be easily created and added from the “Save to playlist” button on individual video content pages, and they can be managed from the newly added “My Page”.

The created playlists can be listed from “My Page” on the right side of the menu bar at the top of the screen. Here, only playlists containing video content from TogoTV are displayed, and operations such as changing the publication status, editing, deleting, and sharing are completed on the TogoTV website. The created playlists can be easily shared with other users according to their publication status, and can be used for learning and educational purposes within a research group.

You can also request to have your playlists posted on Skills-based courses if you wish to make your playlists widely available to all TogoTV users.

We will continue to accept requests to introduce tools that meet the needs of the field (always available!) TogoTV will provide high-quality content that can be freely used by anyone as a portal site contributing to the education and development of human resources for beginners to expand the base of the life sciences.