Announcement of the release of new features of “TogoVar”

“TogoVar” (, a comprehensive Japanese genetic variation database, is continuously adding new functions and expanding data. We are pleased to announce the release of the following new features.

  • Addition of download file format: Allele frequency information for all variants is now available in VCF format in addition to the TSV format that was previously provided.
  • Update of dataset: ToMMo 54KJPN (ToMMo 54KJPN-SNV/INDEL Allele Frequency Panel (v 20230626)) has been released. The number of variants has been greatly increased.
  • Additional Functions to “Advanced search”: Search by variant ID is now available, including TogoVar ID (e.g., tgv47264307) or dbSNP refSNP ID (e.g., rs671). Please select “Variant ID” from the “Add condition” pull-down menu.

You can check the History page of the TogoVar website for information on previous feature additions.