Data update for "TogoVar"

“TogoVar”, a comprehensive Japanese genetic variation database, is continuously adding new functions and expanding data. We are pleased to announce the data update as follows

  • Allele frequencies and genotype counts (by disease and sex) of 45 diseases out of 47 diseases in the first cohort of BioBank Japan of those genomic information determined by SNP arrays analyzed by RIKEN have been added to JGA-SNP dataset as disease-specific information. The genotyping data analyzed by RIKEN are registered in the NBDC human database as JGAS000114 / JGAD000123.

  • Allele frequencies and genotype counts of 9,290 Japanese for whom National Center Biobank Network (NCBN) collected samples and performed whole genome analyses are available as NCBN datasets (GRCh38 only). The frequency data is registered as hum0331.v1.freq.v1 in the NBDC human database and can be downloaded from the data page.

For more information, please visit History on the TogoVar website.